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The Ruighaver.net domain is used by Ruighaver Enterprises to host a number of web sites. We initially developed a range of web sites to investigate the potential of different web development and search engine optimisation models. At that time, a single web hosting account normally only hosted a single domain and it was therefore cheaper to host different web sites on a single domain.

Nowadays, most web hosting providers support 6 or more domains per account and it has therefore become more efficient to give each web site its own domain name. However, as these web sites on the Ruighaver.net domain have acquired a good ranking on the different search engines we have decided to keep and maintain these web sites, but we do not plan to further develop them. At the moment Ruighaver.net is hosting the following web sites:

Affordable web hosting providers

Successful web site development

Bumper Stickers fun

Blonde Jokes

Britney Spears humor




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